About Maryland Shido-Kan Shorin Ryu Karate

The Maryland Shido-Kan Shorin Ryu Karate Schools have been offering instruction and training in Shido-kan Shorin Ryu Karate since 2001. We are conveniently located in both Bowie, and Lanham, MD. The dojo is fully matted with an array of training equipment.

John Dailey and Erika Dailey are the head instructors of Maryland Shido-kan Shorin Ryu We offer classes for kids ages 3+, Adult/Teen Karate, Adult Fitness, as well as private lessons for self defense and personal training. There is something for everyone here at Maryland Shido-kan Shorin Ryu. Call 410-562-1431 for more information and a free trial class

How to Contact Us

You can call us at 410-562-1431

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Final Thoughts

Often the hardest part of any journey is the first step. So many folks talk or think about studying a martial art for a variety of reasons: health, physical fitness, self defense, self confidence, or some other reason, but then they find so many excuses for not taking that first step onto the dojo floor and beginning their martial arts experience.

Unfortunately, just reading or thinking about about martial arts is worthless. Martial Arts are, to the very end, something you can only experience for yourself through actual practice.

So, if you are considering the study of a martial art, take that first step! Come in and talk to some of the students or instructors, people who are just like you, but who have already started their journey in the practice of karate. Better yet try a class or two, no obligation. Experience karate for yourself and see if it is what you want.