Good Books: Check them out

While there are many excellent books on martial arts in general, and karate in particular, the following ones I have found to be especially insightful or inspiring. If you have a favorite one not mentioned, please drop me a note. I am always looking for recommendations.

Books related to martial arts

While most good books on martial arts discuss dimensions beyond the mere technique of the art, these following books focus on the more philosophical aspects of the martial arts or really of life itself.

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The Martial Arts in Film

There are a number of excellent martial arts films. In particular, I like almost anything by Kurosawa, but especially the Seven Samurai, here are some favorites(hover cursor over link for more information):

Seven Samurai - Criterion Collection - 3-Disc Remastered Edition
Yojimbo - Criterion Collection
Sanjuro - Criterion Collection
The Hidden Fortress - Criterion Collection

You might also be interested in the following books: